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I am a lover of words

I have been sharing my thoughts, experiences, my wants and my needs through written word on Instagram and Twitter for over 4 years.

Through these platforms I have been able to express my mind and soul, to many people from around the world. 

It always blows my mind, when someone comments or messages me to say my words resonate with them.

That they could relate, that I was expressing exactly what they were feeling and thinking, but they could never find the right words.


I often get asked to write for people who struggle with ways to communicate to their partner, or even about someone they wish was their partner.

Sometimes it’s just something they have been thinking, but never had the courage to say or share. 

And these types of requests have inspired me to take my writing to this next level.

I am offering my mind to you!

I can take your story or thoughts or deepest desires and make it come to life with words.

If you would like a custom piece, let me write it for you!

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